Is Forward Facing Car Seat Safer for Your Children
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Is Forward Facing Car Seat Safer for Your Children

No, forward-facing car seats are not safer for young children than rear-facing ones. As a matter of fact, research has shown that rear-facing car seats offer much more protection, particularly for infants and toddlers. These are the main reasons why rear-facing is safer than forward-facing in relation to young kids:

Rear-Facing Seats Provide Better Head, Neck and Spine Protection

In a frontal crash, research and study presented that rear facing child restraint system shields and moves together with the infant substantially decreasing the strain exerted on their fragile neck and spinal cord. Frontal crashes are the most common and severe type of collision1.On the other hand, when a child is in a forward facing seat his or her head gets thrown forwards thus possibly stretching his or her spinal cord. Children’s neck muscles are weaker compared to those of adults while their vertebrae remain soft hence they are at high risk of head as well as spinal cord injury if kept in forward facing positions.

rear facing child restraint system shields and moves together with the infant

Rear-Facing is Up to 5 Times Safer

Crash tests have revealed that up to 5 times greater forces can be put on a child’s neck when he/she is seated on a forward facing seat compared to being on one that is rearward facing.Rearward facing seats can lower the risks of death by 71% among infants less than one year old and by 54% among children aged between one and four years.

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Rear-Facing is Recommended as Long as Possible

Experts such as the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest keeping children in rear-facing position until at least age 2 or until they reach maximum height/weight limits for their convertible seat.Can be used as rear-facing up to 40-50 pounds in many convertibles.

Proper Use is Key

Certainly, all car seats should be used properly so they serve their purpose.Among them include; loose installation straps; loose harness adjustment; too early turning around your child.All vehicle owner manuals as well as car seat instructions must always be read carefully.

To summarize, rear-facing car seats are much safer than forward-facing seats for children under 2-4 years old. During a crash, these offer critical support and protection to the child’s delicate head, neck and spine. The longer you keep your child in rear facing seat position the higher the chances of his or her survival and freedom from serious injuries in case of an occurrence of a road accident. This is worth their lives! Keep them safe till it’s time!

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